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So this tutorial is kind of old, but I realized that I'd made it friends only by accident. XD So I'm sticking it here. Deal. XD

Tutorial: How to ink stuff in on PhotoshopCollapse )

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So here's a procession of what happens when I draw. This is predominantly for my own amusement, but if you care to know what exactly goes on through the twisted thought process of drawing something, by all means, read on. XD


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More drawing, because I need some creative output, or else I might explode.

I saw HP5, so I had to do something HP-ish. Thus, you have:

Sirius BlackCollapse )

Same things are fucked up as last time: ears, jawline, fudged hair and some proportion problems (i made him look like he had a snout, as if he were a dog... which is kind of ironic). It is once again a profile. I cannot seem to draw anything else lately without it being too shitty for LJ.

There you go.

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So yes. Seeing as I've been unable to produce any art that doesn't look like crap featuring the cast of qutopia, I decided to try something new. I know--the girl looks like Bianca. I'm uncreative like that. I change the colors of her hair and skintone. I'm debating whether I should keep the glasses on the guy or not. We'll see.

I'm making this a big project. We'll see how long THAT goes before my art ADD sets in again. ^^;

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I Made this in Artist Books Class today...Collapse )
It looks better in person, and not my crappy scan and merge version, since the whole entire thing was too big for my scanner. So yeah--tomorrow we're doing photographs and text.

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I haven't drawn anything in perhaps over a year. And I was really, really bored, and since I've been around all these artsy types lately, I figured I would try drawing again. This is what came out:

Cut for your own safetyCollapse )

I was too lazy to size it down, so deal with it. Ear is fucked up, as is the jaw-line. Plus it is very sketchy and some of the details didn't come out so well (because I like to draw very lightly). Plus, I basically fudged the hair and did it quickly.

But I figured I should post something here, so enjoy.
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I downloaded the trial of CS3 photoshop and discovered that it wasn't my tablet, or my inability of drawing that totally sucked---It was paint shop pro :P

So yeah, this is I believe the best digital art that I have ever created.

Random Girly with Fwooshy hairCollapse )

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So I finished that sketch that I was doing, so it's all colored and spiffy now.

FINISHEDCollapse )

Media: Colored pencil and sharpie

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So I'm applying for the Danforth Teen Summer internship, in which you need to include a sketch/drawing/thing that "tells us more about you", so this is what I did while being bored after MCAS (they don't let you listen to your music anymore D:)

SKETCHCollapse )

Yeah, my scanner was being wierd and so her hair kinda disappeared. But yeah...I'm going to color it and then I'll scan it again, to show you the colored version.

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I've been working on a lineart for a bit, and I thought I'd share the nice WIP with you guys. :D GOD, the anatomy was so hard to get right on this one, I specifically looked for a reference image online, and when I found one, was so embarrassedthat it was of a naked couple, I could barely look at it without laughing stupidly. BECAUSE I AM MATURE LIKE THAT. Clearly, sotty_chan and I need to get us one of those non-porny nakie people books.

Ambrose and Bianca being cuteCollapse )
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